Uninsured still struggling to get through Health Insurance Marketplace

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Three years ago, Kathy Hunley got hurt at work.

“I had a frozen palette fall on me and it tore the ligaments off my shoulder cuff,” she said.

Needing surgery, she now owes doctors a lot of money.

“I owe the physical therapist like $7,000 dollars,” said Hunley.

Worse yet, she doesn’t have insurance.

“I have preexisting conditions, who's gonna take me?” said Hunley.

It’s now law that someone on the Healthcare.gov site will. By typing in some of her information and some clicks on the mouse, Kathy thought she could be insured in no time.

“It's gonna be great, it's really gonna be great,” she said.

But just a few minutes into the site, a red bar with “Unexpected error” popped up on her screen.

“It's really strange,” said Hunley.

Strange, but not uncommon. Since it opened, the Health Insurance Marketplace has had numerous glitches and delays; the site even going down this weekend for repairs.

“It just started a week ago, so hopefully, over the course of three months, hopefully things will get straightened out a little bit and speeded up somewhat and everyone will be accommodated if they want health insurance,” said Craig Cooper of Genesis Health Systems.

“I think the biggest concern is just the continued delay will cause delays in people getting enrolled and therefore they won't be eligible for the January start date or worse yet they'll miss something by March and then they'll be fined on their taxes and won't get signed up until the following year,” said Michael Woods, Executive Director of Casa Guanajuato Quad Cities.

Or like Kathy they’ll be told to be patient.

“Right here see, please be patient,” she said.

But she was not frustrated,

“Things take time,” she said.

Leaving uninsured, but not discouraged.