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Budget plan calls for job cuts in Galesburg

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Budget cuts in Galesburg, Illinois could cost 12 city workers their jobs.

Jobs that are on line include three firefighters, two police officers, and seven other positions.

"It's unfortunate that only one of the real ways we have to control our personnel costs in many situations is to reduce the number of positions," said City Manager Todd Thompson.

The 2014 budget calls for 2.2 million dollars in cuts. Half of that would come from personnel changes.

"We are on an ongoing situation where our expenditures were higher than our revenues and as a result, cuts had to be made." Thompson said.

People like Gayle Shultz have lived in Galesburg for years. She says she has seen a downward spiral.

"We have lost all the factories that make any kind of money," Shultz said. "Everything that is being built around here is for a minimum wage job."

Others are concerned with their safety. According to the most recent data (2011), violent crime and property crime is slightly over the national average in Galesburg. Pam Gaskill says the police department is not the place to cut.

The budget is simply a proposal right now. The city council would have to pass the plan as is for the job cuts go forward. The workers who would lose their jobs have been notified.