Furloughed Iowa National Guard workers return to work

flag saluted by soldier

(WHO-TV) – Despite the government shutdown, most of the furloughed workers in the Iowa National Guard were back to work at Camp Dodge as of Monday, October 7, 2013.

But they’re still not getting paid.

Col. Greg Hapgood says, more than 1,000 of the full-time federal technicians that were furloughed when the government shut down on October 1st are now back on the job. He says that nearly all of the employees that were furloughed.

Five federal technicians remain furloughed, 16 state employees are temporarily laid off, and an additional 96 state of Iowa employees will be temporarily laid off for 30 days starting October 18th.

The Pentagon said Saturday the Pay Our Military Act allows the Pentagon to cancel furloughs for civilians who provide support to the military.

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It is still uncertain whether workers will get back pay when the partial government shutdown ends and the government is funded again.


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