Arrowhead Ranch Holds Annual Vehicle Auction

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Arrowhead Vehicle Auction held it's annual auction, Sunday, October 6th at 10:00 a.m.

The auction was held at the William E. Nelson Auto Shop  located at 12200 104th St. Coal Valley, IL.

More than 65 cars, boats, and motorcycles were auctioned off Sunday, October 6th, 2013.

This year the auction moved away from it's Round-Up event and focused solely on auctioning vehicles and others smaller items.

Yet, for the students that live on campus, Arrowhead isn't just about auctioning cars off.

Brandon Terronez, the Development Director at Arrowhead Ranch says for some students this is their only hope.

"Were kind of a second chance or the last chance for a lot of the residents that come here, the last chance for them to turn it around before they go to a place like department of corrections, " said Terronez.

Arrowhead residents learn auto maintenance and repair as part of a educational curriculum.

Residents gain valuable experience by working with instructors to prepare donated vehicles for auction. They perform routine maintenance, make minor repairs and detail the vehicles.

17-year-old Dakota has lived at Arrowhead for 10 months and says the program has changed her life.

Before coming to Arrowhead she had been locked up since the age of 15-years-old.

Dakota goes to family therapy, she says, it helped her family learn how to communicate better.

"I never stopped to think, like how it was affecting my family or how it was affecting those around me, since I've been at Arrowhead, I've actually gotten a lot closer to my family,"said Dakota.

Just like Dakota, Justin also found his way to Arrowhead after he spent time behind bars for getting into trouble.

"I came out of D.O.C., I was going down the wrong road, all my channels were closed, I didn't want any help,"said Justin.

Funds generated from the vehicle auction help to support Arrowhead's work with adolescent boys and girls.

Arrowhead is also funded through payments for the adolescents care by placement agencies and through donations and grants.