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Sleeping outside to raise money for local shelter

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Some people grabbed tents and cardboard boxes and headed over to Modern Woodmen Park where they spent the night. It's part of a fundraiser to raise some money while bringing awareness to homelessness in the Quad Cities.

Friday, October 4, 2013 people got the chance to walk in their shoes and experience for themselves what it's like to be homeless.

It was the second annual Night at the Shelter SleepOut. A fundraiser for Humility of Mary Shelter. Some choose to sleep in tents while others decided to make their shelter for the night out of Cardboard boxes.

Connie Coopman knows first hand what its like to be homeless.

"I was a single parent at college and I had a daughter and I had no where to go, so we were the first participants at Humility of Mary Shelter when that program first started," said Connie.

For Connie, the fundraiser is making sure that the shelter that helped her out, gets the funding it needs.

"It was not only a roof over my head, but it was a foundation under my feet. It gave me the strength and the skills and the support I needed," said Connie.

Not only raising money for a good cause, but also to raise awareness about the homeless community in the Quad Cities.

People had to pay $10 for admission. Money raised will go towards the shelter's everyday supplies needed to serve the community. Last year the shelter raised $10,000.