Man flies flag upside down arguing that country is in distress

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An American flag flying upside down is supposed to signal distress. A Wisconsin Veteran flying his flag this way argues that the government shutdown is causing distress to the United States.

According to a report by the Stevens Point Journal, 67-year-old Walter Blanchard, a Vietnam veteran, is flying his American flag upside down.

Blanchard said he began flying the flag upside down during the summer of 2013 in protest of “what he views as other scandalous American failings,” but the flag has gotten more attention since the government shut down.

“I’m going to keep it up until our government comes around and starts talking to each other,” Blanchard said. “Until they get something accomplished.”

Several government agencies were closed on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 after members of Congress were unable to authorize a spending bill.

According to the report, Blanchard served with the Green Berets in Vietnam and served in Korea.

“I’m not anti-government; I fought for this country and government,” he said. “I don’t like the way our government is headed.”

The Veteran’s neighbors have mixed feelings about his demonstration. One woman who would not identify herself believed what he was doing with the flag was disrespectful. Another neighbor, 69-year-old Gary Simmons said Blanchard is entitled to protest any way he wants, reported the Stevens Point Journal.

“I think he’s absolutely right with everything,” said Simmons. “He put in 20 years (of military service), he has every right to do what he wants with that flag.”

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  • eric

    As a fellow veteran of afghanistan. I know what the actual meaning of the upside flag means and this fellow brother is doing what he believes. Its not disrespectful at all its part of the laws of our country. Amen to you sir and keep up the good work

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