Former McDonalds CEO comes back home to Davenport

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Jim Skinner, CEO of McDonalds 2004-2012, returned to his home town Wednesday.

Big Macs weren't on the menu for the event, but support and applause weighed heavy in the room.

He was inducted by Davenport West High School into the hall of honor. One of many accomplishments that Skinner has seen in his life.

Davenport West senior Morgan Ripperger was present during Skinner's recognition.

"It just makes you feel good knowing that someone so successful came to your school," said Ripperger.

Success and happiness weren't always prevalent in Skinner's life.

He didn't have the support system at home and wanted to get away and live a normal life.

"I wanted to get out and get away from home and the best way for me to do that at that particular time was to join the Navy," Skinner said.

He served in the Navy for 10 years before deciding to pursue a different path. Skinner had previously worked at the former McDonalds on Brady Street in Davenport in 1962. After leaving the Navy, he pursued McDonalds once again.

Skinner applied for a position in Chicago, and a few days later he received notification that he was hired as a manager trainee.

But Skinner didn't just jump to CEO, he had to work his way up. His dedication and work ethic helped him climb the ranks.

"It doesn't matter what your doing. But whatever you doing, get all the way in, commit yourself, and work hard," said Skinner.

Since Skinners retirement in 2012, he has been appointed to the committee board for Hewlett Packard Co. and Walgreens.

He continues to preach hard work to those who want to achieve their dreams. Exclaiming that people have to out-work the other guy.

During the banquet, Skinner said he commended the challenging curriculum that Davenport West had established. While referencing that his grades may not have been the best.

"It's not about being the smartest, but you got to work hard," said Skinner.

That hard work has paid off for Skinner, and he continues to be successful.