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Police are calling off searches for missing man

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For more than two days now, local police, friends and family have searched for a missing husband and father who seemingly disappeared without a trace from downtown Moline. Everyone's now forced to change their strategy to try and find David Harker.

Tuesday October 2, 2013 started off just like the day before. Crews started early, searching Moline and Rock Island. In the afternoon Sylvan Island's gates were unlocked so volunteers could expand their search.

"Just looking at places you think could be a spot where somebody cover somebody up or whatever," said Tom Cross, who is David Harker's godfather.

It's day two and those who know Harker are starting to fear the worst.

"I just don't know what to think anymore, its been too many hours gone by. You watch those crime shows they always tell you the first day or so is the most crucial," said Cross.

Crews searched every inch of Sylvan Island hoping to find something. Harker has been missing since Sunday, September 29, 2013 when he never made it home from Twenty Sports Bar and Grill in Moline.


Harker was wearing this shirt the night of his disappearance.

Dennis Harker, David's father, says police won't search Wednesday, October 3, 2013, but instead will look at surveillance video and follow up on tips.

"They started this morning and went and gathered a lot of surveilance now they have to sit and watch hours and hours and hours," said Dennis.

There is a fund that has been opened up for a reward to anyone that has information that leads to finding Harker. Any DHCU Community Credit Union is accepting donations for that fund.