Audubon School boiler could cost $30K

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School officials with the Rock Island/ Milan School District planned to hold a private meeting with the media regarding the Audubon School.

There were two options on the table for the Audobon building this past summer, but both of those options fell through. Now the district is trying to figure out what's next for the building.

In November of 2012, Fareway grocery stores put in an offer to buy the vacant school, but neighbors complained the business would be too close to their home. On July 11th, Fareway announced it had cancelled its purchasing agreement to buy the school. It could have brought 40 jobs to the city.

In June, Joe Lemon Jr. said he was interested in buying the building. However, he has never turned in his purchasing agreement. He wanted to turn the building into a residential unit.

District workers say they have no offers on the building. They have three options on the table for the future of the building. One is to turn off the gas and water to the building. Another is to repair the boiler that could cost $30,000. The final option is to demolish the building. The district will discuss these options more at their October 22nd board meeting.