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Free Dentistry Day serves patients with care and compassion

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Christina Bennett knows about the high cost of dental care. That's why she showed up at 6 a.m. to receive free services on Friday.

"They let something get bad before they go in," she said. "They just can't afford it."

But on Friday, Dr. Adam Welty was treating the Muscatine woman for free. It's all part of Free Dentistry Day at Crow Valley Dental. The Davenport practice will provide more than $50,000 worth of services.

"There is a huge need for access to dentistry," he said.

"Just give them the feeling that, hey, my teeth are an important part of my overall health," added Dr. Tanner Flaherty.

The dental crews offered cleanings, fillings, extractions and other services. This clinic moved like clockwork, The first patient arrived at 2 a.m., just to get in line.

"Dentists get into the field to try and help people," Dr. Welty said. "What we're doing today is just helping people, so there's something that's really rewarding."

Free Dentistry Day provides care to those who need help the most. Last year, the program reached out to more than 2,500 patients nationwide.

It's all a positive experience for Christina Bennett. For her, it's a big step toward better health.

"It's not just people who don't want to take care of their teeth," she said. "It's people who really can't afford it."

"Just to see how grateful people are, it's amazing," Dr. Flaherty concluded. "Helps us keep going for the rest of the year."

At Crow Valley Dental, it's just the right thing to do.