Arsenal Island workers in “wait mode” in possible government shut down

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More than 3 thousand white collar federal workers on Arsenal Island could be impacted if a government shutdown becomes a reality Tuesday.

Steve Beck, President of Local 15 with the American Federation of Government Employees union, says right now, workers are being told to report to work on Tuesday. But, they may not be there for long.

"Report to work, they'll let us know whether there's going to be a shut down for the day, and we'll be off work indefinitely until Congress acts to enact a budget or a continuing resolution," Beck said.

Beck says he's been told not to expect a budget bill to pass the House by Monday night, but says he hopes an emergency funding bill is an option, but even that, is not looking good right now.

"It's a bill that keeps things going. The chances of that happening by Tuesday morning seem less and less likely unless there's some kind of magic that happens between now and then," Beck said.

The Arsenal's 13-hundred or so workers at the Joint Munitions factory will not be impacted by the shut down, according to union rep Ken Larson.

Meanwhile, Beck says the situation is incredibly frustrating.

"It plays with your mind a lot. It's like what's next. We've gone through the furloughs, had a pay freeze the last three years. What's next," he said.