Agencies offer help to inform residents on healthcare

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The clock is ticking. If you don’t have health insurance, you have until March of 2014 to avoid penalties.

The Affordable Care Act is officially in full swing. But there still is confusion among the insured and uninsured.

That’s why community agencies like Project Now in Rock Island are working hard to inform people.

“Project Now has been in the process of training up a bunch of staff to help enroll people in the healthcare options.” Said Maureen Hart, the Executive Director of Project Now in Rock Island.

Illinois currently has about 15 percent of it’s population uninsured. Iowa’s number of uninsured is just below 10 percent of the population.

The new law will be insuring nearly 48 million people in the United States, and about two million people between Illinois and Iowa.

Those like Sharon Fischer are close to those who will be affected by the law.

“I would say about 50 percent of the people that I know don’t have healthcare”, she said, “They can’t afford it.”

Now, healthcare will be more affordable to those who don’t have it.

Credits will be issued by the Federal government, those who make less will get more credit, while those who make more will get less credit.

Regardless if consumers are ready or not, the Affordable Care act is here.