Rock Island will look at legal options

A controversial vote in Rock Island where the city council signed off on a plan to charge residents for a road they don't want.  That road would lead to a proposed retail center across from the Jumer's Casino.

The $50 mandatory assessment didn't go well with everyone.

Those opposed and those for the project came out Monday night, September 23, 2013 to have their voices heard at city council. The next step for the city is looking at the option of filing a lawsuit so the project can move forward, but some taxpayers say it's a waste of their money.

"Ultimately this is a project that we need for the city of rock island, so we have to weigh the legal options and see what is the best way to proceed," said Rock Island Mayor, Dennis Pauley.

The city council also approved a resolution that says the city will not put in a gravel or sand pits anywhere on Big Island, which was one of residents concerns.


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