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Local drive-in not selected to win digital projector


As the movie industry moves toward digital technology, drive-in movie theaters have been feeling pressure to make the expensive switch to digital projection, including a Galva drive-in.

A contest was put on by Honda asking drive-in fans to vote for their favorite theater. The theater with the most votes was given a digital projector by the company. The Galva Autovue Drive-In Theatre did not win a projector.

The results were revealed on Monday, September 23, 2013, and a Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida theater won. In total, Honda is giving away nine digital projectors to drive-ins around the country. Click here to see a full list of the winners.

On the Autovue Drive-In Theatre’s Facebook page, a spokesperson said they plan to continue running film and should be open on Friday and Saturday, September 27 and 28. A lineup will be posted at the beginning of the week. The Theatre will consider making the switch to digital.