Professor placed on leave after tweet about NRA

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The University of Kansas has placed a journalism professor on administrative leave after he tweeted a message about gun violence after the Navy Yard shooting.

Following the shooting that left the suspect and 12 victims dead, Associate Professor David Guth turned to Twitter to voice his opinion.  His tweet pointed attention to the National Rifle Association and essentially said children of NRA members should be the victims next time someone opens fire in a public place.

David Guth tweet

Our sister station WDAF reported Guth stands by his tweet, saying he did not regret the post and that he chose his words carefully and that he made the statement as a private citizen.

“I don’t want anybody harmed.  If somebody’s going to be harmed, maybe it ought to be the people who believe that guns are so precious that it’s worth spilling blood over,” Guth said.

The Kansas State Rifle Association called for the university to remove Guth from his position as a journalism instructor.

University officials responded by defending Guth’s right to express his personal views, but using words including “repugnant,” “callous” and “disgraceful” to describe the contents of Guth’s tweet.

Guth was placed on indefinite administrative leave from his position at the University of Kansas.