Illinois Gun Maker Plans Move

Businesses come and go. In the case of Illinois, the second gun manufactorer in five years will be crossing the river to Davenport.

Lewis Machine & Tool Company has been in Milan since it began 33 years ago. Employing over 150 people, Milan Mayor Duane Dawson has a good relationship with the owner, Karl Lewis.

“I think he has been happy with what has happened here in Milan”, he said, But he has just simply outgrown it.”

Lewis Machine & Tool Company provides quality weapons for the U.S. military, law enforcement officers, and government agencies. Building weapons from assault rifles,to grenade launchers.

Mayor Dawson believes the Illinois business climate makes it hard to keep the businesses that are present.

"We here in Illinois have fought this for quit some time about attracting businesses", he continued, "It's very difficult t o get manufacturers to come to this state."

In Illinois, income tax is higher, which is a burden on business owners.

Local officials like Mayor Dawson hope to see change in the Illinois business culture.



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