Volunteers asking for more help to rebuild Maquoketa park

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The rush is on right now just north of the Quad Cities in Maquoketa, where volunteers are working almost around the clock to rebuild a park. They could use a few extra hands to meet their deadline.

Volunteers are working away to get Little Bear Park finished, but time is not on their side. The six day build is coming close to wrapping up. So far around $300,000 has been raised for the 10,000 square foot park.

The city and the school district decided to tear down and rebuild the park.

"The park was made all out of wood and it had deteriorated over 21 years," said volunteer Jeff Tampir.

The design behind it came from elementary school students.

"In the background is a pirate ship that will be laid out, there's towers, there's all kinds of slides, climbing wall, ropes, swings," said Tampir.

Crews Started on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. Volunteers have been pulling 14 to 15 hour days.

"We keep going until everybody's pretty well exhausted," said Tampir.

However, if they want to be done by Sunday, September 15, they're going to need more help.

"We can use anybody that would like to show up and work at Little Bear Park," said Tampir.

Tonya Nims and her ten year old son Cayden came out to lend a hand.

"We decided just to come out and help the community,"said Nims.

A community coming together to get the job done.

"Probably one of the most gratifying things here, everybody coming together to pull for one effort," said Tampir.

They expect to have around 100 volunteers this weekend to get it done. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be help September 29, 2013.