Galva volleyball players keep coach’s spirit alive

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A volleyball coach who lost her battle with cancer has certainly left her mark at Galva High School.

Debbie Spets passed away in 2013 after hand-picking Brea Christianson to take her place as Galva’s Head Volleyball Coach.

Christianson said they are heading into the season with their beloved coach in mind.

“She’s there all the time,” Christianson said. “I think she’s really been a big push for us this season.”

The players on Spets’ team said she taught them all appreciation.

“The best thing she taught us is to not take anything for granted, because she never did,” said team member Mackenzie Kitterman. “We try to keep her spirit alive.”

Christianson said having lost their coach to cancer has been a huge eye opener for the team. She said it’s important for the girls to know that there are resources and steps to take to help prevent diseases.

You can’t take anything for granted,” said team member Rachel Vandevelde. “We need to savor what we have and be happy no matter what.”

On September 18 the Galva girls will host a Play For The Cure Night to honor their coach and raise awareness for ovarian cancer.