Kmart launches ad promoting Christmas shopping

A television commercial for Christmas shopping started popping up in early September 2013.

Kmart launched a commercial promoting layaway for Christmastime and customers have taken two different views. On Kmart’s Facebook page some consumers have told the company that they think it’s too early, while others are thanking the company for the extra planning time.

“Your extremely early Christmas commercials have turned me OFF to shopping at Kmart this year,” shared one consumer on Kmart’s Facebook page.

“I for one, really appreciate your commercial for Christmas layaway,” said another Facebook user. “With two young children and lots of nieces/nephews/etc. layaway was the only way to go.”

According to a report by Ad Age, the commercial first aired on Monday, September 9. Their first Christmas commercial in 2012 aired on October 28.

Jonathan Gold, the National Retail Federation’s Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy said retailers are making up for slow imports earlier in 2013. “It’s too early to predict holiday sales, but merchants are clearly stocking up.”

"This might give new meaning to the phrase Christmas Creep," said Kathy Grannis, a spokeswoman for the National Retail Federation, of Kmart's ad. "It's anybody's game right now, wheels are definitely in motion for a very promotional holiday season."

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