Davenport High School opens credit union branch

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Students at Davenport West have opened their own credit union but they’re not just the customer. The collaboration with the DuTrac Community Credit Union is also staffed completely by students. The branch allows students to learn how to manage their money, along with getting hands on work experience in the financial sector.

“Young people are the future of the country and if we can invest in them, help them learn about financial products, savings and how all that works, they’re going to be better citizens,” said Jason Nortonof DuTrac.

Students are working in a professional environment and expected to meet real-world experience. They have to come to work dress appropriately and adhere to great customer while meeting compliance standards. One student who was selected to work at the credit union said an opportunity like this is priceless.

“When I’m on my way, I’m hoping that I can learn how to manage my money on my own instead of having to call my mom -and ask her and I’m hoping to help other students learn the exact same thing, save their money, learn how to manage on their own,” said Davenport West student Libby Burken.

 Students aren’t the only ones looking forward to learning money management skills, teachers at the school are just as excited to give them, this experience.

“This is the pinnacle experience for them, they’ve been able to do junior achievement during sophomore/junior year and during senior year, we try to find them job shadows and or internships so by the credit union coming in, we close the deal,” said Davenport West teacher Steve Verdon.