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Ericsson kids parade for education

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Their school may be different when the district makes consolidation changes in two years, but for now Ericsson students are celebrating.

The school held its annual "Celebrate Education" parade Friday, September 6, 2013.  The theme for the parade was "Change for the Future."

"Right now they're in grade school.  They're going to move on to middle school, then to high school and eventually into a career," said principal Juanita Terronez.  "That's what it's all about, prepping them for the future.  So, the changes that are happening for them are exciting and we celebrate them through education."

The annual parade is held at the beginning of each school year to help kids and parents celebrate the benefits of a good education.  A rally for Ericsson families was held at the school after the parade.

Ericsson School is one of several that could eventually close because of consolidation within the Moline School District.