Drought conditions worry area farmers

It's been 31 days in the Quad Cities without a drop of rain and in other parts of our area, even more.

"Some of them haven't seen rain since I'm thinking July,” said Kathy Reinhardt, a grain farmer.

Reinhardt grows corn and soybeans.

"It's really depressing especially when it's that time period. When you really need it, it's critical. You see you're not the only one, but that still doesn't make it easier,” said Reinhardt.

No rain leads to smaller corn kernels, which means the crops weigh less and she’ll make less because of it.

"This is it, this is how we make our money, it's how we make our living,” said Reinhardt.

Much of the Quad Cities area is dealing with moderate drought conditions, but counties down river, including Mercer, Henderson, Hanson, and several in Eastern Iowa are now dealing with severe drought conditions.

"The farmers are very concerned this year. Ya know this is how they make their money,” said Kendra Bolen.

Bolen is the manager of the Mercer County Farm Bureau which has 2,200 members.

"This is mother nature’s hands. I mean, I can pray for rain and wish for rain, but they need rain,” she said.

"I can't say I've ever seen anything quite like this,” said Reinhardt.

Reinhardt says normally she’d be ready to harvest soon, but this drought will push that back.

"We're worse than last year,” she said.

Until then, she says she will keep praying and counting down the days until her crops get some rain.


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