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Brick by brick, Prophetstown is making a comeback

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Prophetstown residents are one step closer to rebuilding their town. In July of 2013, investigators said two boys started a fire that destroyed part of the town's historic Main Street.

The town is slowly starting to move forward. On Thursday, September 5, Fischer Excavating began removing rubble. Community members came together, donating anonymously towards the rebirth of their town.

“I said all along Prophetstown is a pretty giving town and they have been overwhelming," said Prophetstown Mayor Steve Swanson. "I just came from a meeting where we did a distribution for the victims, people in other words who lived here, had building or homes, donations have been overwhelming the people have been wonderful to work with.”

Missy Taylor, a store manager at the Hartig Drug Store, is looking forward to new beginning. Her store suffered a twenty-five to fifty percent loss each day since the fire.

“We’re just anxious to move on to get the clean up started." Taylor said. "I think the city has done a good job of trying to push it to get things done, so seeing some equipment roll in today is encouraging.”

Even with change on the brink, some life-long Prophetstown residents are resistant to change.

“To see it made like the old that would be okay but modern, it’s just not right, it’s not historic,” said Prophetstown resident, Deborah Hall.

One thing is for sure, the town is headed in a new direction, brick by brick, one step at time, Prophetstown is making a comeback.