Local Syrian students share their concerns on U.S stepping in

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Students from Syria attending Monmouth College are keeping a close eye on the conflict in Syria.  Some are concerned U.S intervention could make things worse.

College student Jad Freyha is still settling into his new home at Monmouth College. Freyha left his friends and family in Syria, to get a better education in computer science.

"So far I'm very happy with my decision," said Freyha.

However, he can't help but worry about those he left behind.

"Things have gone from bad to tragic really quick," said Freyha.

Freyha says in a blink of an eye the country he once knew, "It's a very beautiful country and filled with a lot of history,"  has become a war zone, "I'm just so shocked the all the people who are dying, the innocent lives and everything. It's been too overwhelming I feel sad for my country," said Freyha.

Before Freyha left for the U.S, he says protestors were fighting for freedom.

"They want their rights to actually elect their leader, they want democracy," said Freyha.

Protesting soon led to thousands being killed by Assad's regime.

"There was bloodshed and there was people dying, a lot of them, things started to escalate to the way it is right now," said Freyha.

Freyha says if the U.S steps in, it might help, but he's worried that other countries might do so too.

"What everyone is concerned about is that other parts might also intrude and things would go from a national scale to a bigger scale and we don't want that," said Freyha.

He hopes his country can return to better times so he can return home after he graduates.

"Hopefully things would have gotten better by then and I will go back to my country and help rebuild it," said Freyha.