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Violations and potential danger mount for local landfill

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Too much garbage, not enough space-- those are some concerns facing the Village of Atkinson. At a Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night, conversations about how to move forward with the Atkinson Landfill Company were emotional with many in the audience raising concerns.

In August, the Village of Atkinson was told they could not continue to use the landfill because the owner said it was too high. According to members of the Board of Trustees, the agreement said the landfill cannot exceed 711 feet and it had gone over that limit.

An agreement that has lasted 20 years between the two expired in November. Now some members of the Village of Atkinson are questioning whether they should even continue their partnership.

They are concerned about the practices of the owner of the landfill.  Documents shown to News Eight, show more than 20 violations from a May 2013 inspection.  What concerned members of the audience and even some Board of Trustees members was that some of the violations were repeat violations.

“You can't have violations period, there’s no acceptable amount of violations,” said a member of the audience.

According to the documents and a member of the Board of Trustees, one of the violations includes a run off of leachate, a substance that can potentially pose a risk to surrounding soil and ground water.

"People want to eat fish out of there.  They're not going to,” said another man in the audience.

As the Board of Trustees contemplates how to move forward with the partnership, those in the audience were more concerned with how their decision could affect their families’ futures.

As negotiations continue, the Village of Atkinson is dumping its trash in Kewanee. There’s no set date on what to do going forward.