Pay It Forward: World Relief

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MOLINE, Illinois-Arriving in America many refugees have very few possessions and often can not speak English.

The World Relief Organization in Moline has helped several people settle here in the Quad Cities... depending on local organizations and volunteers for help.

Rachael Snyder is a Case Worker at World Relief.

She helps refugees get settled in Moline and one of those refugees now helps her.

"We wanted to bring you here today to say thank you from World Relief. I nominated you for an award and you were chosen so from Ascentra and News 8. we would like to present you with 300 dollars for all the work you do in your community. We love you so much and this is just a small token and were so happy for everything you have done with the Koren people and helping World Relief and we want you to know how much you are appreciated. Thank you."

Eh Christ arrived in America 6 years ago.

"She and her family were refugees from Burma. They fled into Thailand and was living in a refugee camp. Has taken a big role in her community as far as helping other people and has been an interpreter for us without pay several times."

"I'm so happy appreciate all of it."

She goes out of her way to make sure others feel the amount of support she did.

"If I can help the people, I will help the people"

In addition to learning English, Eh Christ is on her way to becoming a U.S. Citizen and she and her family are working towards a new home through Habitat for Humanity.

"She barely spoke English when she arrived. She is an example of going forward and the American dream. A wonderful example of what humanity should be."

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