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Rebuilt Credit Island Lodge could open Spring 2014

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A rebuilt Credit Island Lodge could be open as soon as this spring.

Wednesday, the Davenport City Council voted unanimously to rebuild the historic lodge, after fire destroyed the building on May 2, 2013.

The restoration won't cost taxpayers anything, but will instead use the $1.2 million in insurance money from the fire.

A 15-member task force spent the summer deciding whether the lodge should be torn down or rebuilt, and ultimately recommended the City restore the building built in 1922.

The plan involves restoring as much as historically possible, right down to an old-fashioned wood shake roof. To meet FEMA regulations, vents would be put under the windows on both sides of the building, allowing the river to run through it during floods.

Task force members cheered Wednesday when the City Council accepted their recommendation.

"The answer is good. The day it burned, I cried. Now, these are happy tears that it was approved," said member Mary Cormier.

Cormier said work on the lodge could go through the winter, and a restored lodge could open as soon as Spring of 2014.