QC sees highest pollen count in nearly a decade

It is the peak of ragweed season, and the Quad Cities are seeing one of the highest pollen counts in nearly 10 years.

StormTrack 8 said the pollen count in the Quad Cities is likely the highest it has been in nearly a decade.

According to allergist, Mark Blaser, the pollen count started to noticeably rise around August 22, 2013. Those with allergies will really feel the side effects of pollination as we head into the thick part of the season.

Ragweed can cause allergy symptoms like itchy or watery eyes, runny or itchy nose, irritated throat, or even coughing.

Since ragweed tends to pollinate abundantly in the morning hours, Blaser suggested people suffering from allergy symptoms should avoid spending time outdoors in the morning. Also, to catch pollen before it enters your home, pleated filters in air conditioners can minimize the number of allergy-causing particles that get into the house.


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