Davenport Council to vote on Credit Island Lodge

Davenport city leaders will vote on rebuilding the Credit Island Lodge Wednesday night.

As previously reported May 2nd, a fire destroyed the lodge around 8 a.m. Smoke was actually visible from across the river.

Someone reported the fire from Sunset Park in Rock Island. Firefighters had to work outside the lodge to make sure that the fire didn't spread to other properties.

Since that day, a city task force has been set up to figure out what to do with the old lodge. They are recommending that the council re-build the lodge.

"A lot of things now are automatically torn down," task force member Mary Cormier said. "If you can turn it around and recycle, everybody talks about being green, let's see what we can restore."

The re-building of the lodge is not expected to cost taxpayer's money. The city received $1.2 million in insurance coverage after the fire happened. Wednesday's meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. at Davenport's City Hall.


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