Stern Beverage serves up cool careers for hot days

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Rhonda Rains is on a roll these days.

"It feels wonderful," she said.

The warehouse worker glides across Stern Beverage in Milan. She's delivering a semi-load of Budweiser from St. Louis. Working in a climate-controlled building, it certainly beats the heat.

"All year long, it stays pretty much the same degree, whether it's winter, summer or spring," she said.

No matter how hot it is outside, inside temperatures register in the 60's year-round. It feels good in the 30,000 square foot facility. And there's a reason for it.

"The packages would go out on the trucks, and the cans would sweat," said Kerry Gallagher, Stern Beverage. "Therefore, the packages would break open and fall apart."

On a sultry day, a visit to the keg room is in order. The temperature is a constantly brisk 36 degrees in there. That's to keep kegs fresh before they hit a frosty mug.

But not all of Stern Beverage's 50 staffers enjoy the climate.

Curt Adams is out and about in the steamy weather. He's making deliveries on Moline on Tuesday. It's one of about a dozen stops he'll make along the way.

"On a day like this, you spend as much time as you can indoors and as little time as you can outdoors," he said.

From her forklift, Rhonda Rains has the prime position. No matter how hot it gets outside, she always wears a jacket to work.

"It really keeps you not only cool in here but keeps a cool head on you when you're getting bombarded with products," she concluded.

Now that's one cool beer lady at Stern Beverage.