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Youth Football Deals With High Temperatures

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The high temperatures can be dangerous for all athletes and especially for kids. Quad City parents and coaches of are doing their best to make sure the kids stay safe in the heat.

"Keep them hydrated,” Rising Knights football head coach Fred Harris Jr. said. “Get as much water as you can because you're going to sweat it out anyway."

Coaches and parents knew it would be a tough practice on Monday for the 8 and 9-year-old Rising Knights. With temperatures in the 90's, they made sure their kids would be ready to take on the heat.

"We just made sure he was really hydrated before we came and brought lots of ice and water for the time here,” parent Ben Putnam said.

"We're pouring water down their backs and making sure they're staying cool and drink enough water and Gatorade," parent Janice Boekhoff said.

Fred Harris Jr. is the team's head coach. He gave the team plenty of water breaks and changed practice to make it easier on the players.

"At this age level anyway, you taper down practice but today, we reduce all the drills down to 10 yards instead of 15 to 20,” Harris Jr. said. “We're trying to practice in the shade and we're doing that for the duration."

Parents like Putnam and Boekhoff were also keeping a close watch during practice. Along with other parents, they're sticking it out on the sidelines to make sure their kids stay safe.

"We have left before, but today we are here to make sure he stays hydrated," Boekhoff said.

"This is a night where I probably wouldn't leave practice,” Putnam said. “I'll stick around but I'm not worried about him really. I’ll stay here and make sure he's watered up."

And the Rising Knights will be getting used to the heat. Their first game is on Sunday when temperatures are expected to be just as warm.