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Dogs taken thousands of miles to find homes

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As wildfires roared through California, dogs were getting lost in the shuffle, ending up in over-crowded shelters.

Animal shelters were becoming overcrowded with dogs lost in fires, according to a report by WIFR. Stepping in to help lift the burden was the California Rescue Network and the Free Spirit Siberian Rescue.

Seventeen huskies were taken from the California shelter to a shelter in Harvard, Illinois via bus. The trip was 2,000-miles and took a full week, according to the report. All the dogs were at risk of being put-down.

“It’s one week of inconvenience to Monica and me, but it’s the rest of their lives,” said Mary Meier-Smith about herself and another worker from the California Husky Rescue Network. “They have a chance now and before they had none.”

In the care of the Illinois shelter, once the dogs are medically cleared, Karen Ferreri-Smith, of Karen’s Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, will start finding them homes.