Sherrard school board revisits liaison position

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A salary crunch forced one Quad City area school district to choose between two positions, a dean or a school police officer. The school board chose the dean.
The board voted to eliminate the position over this summer, but decided to re-visit the issue when parents expressed concerns.  Officer Chris Brooks has accomplished a lot during his first year in the Sherrard School District and while safety has always been important, the school board eliminated the position over the summer due to budget cuts.
The decision was between a dean for the junior and senior school or the school resource officer.
"Both the building principal I said if we have to choose between the two we’re going to take a dean,” said superintendent, Becky Rodocker.
 After looking at both positions duties, the board went with the dean.
“The dean deals with everyday discipline, athletics, all that kind of thing,” said Rodocker.
Thursday, August 22, 2013, after listening to much concern, the board voted five to three to keep the position eliminated. However, some parents and teachers would have chosen safety.

“I haven’t been trained to take someone down and I don’t have a gun,” said teacher Kim McCreight.

It cost the school district $30,000 a year to have a school resource officer, money they don’t want to take from school programs.

“The everyday things have to be handled, you know the liaison officer couldn’t handle the everyday discipline,” said Rodocker.

While others would say the money would be well worth it.

“If I don’t have that person there that I can rely on for, that extension for my arm, I feel like I’m bare,” said McCreight.