Bill Daley visits the Quad Cities

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Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Daley heads to the Quad Cities Thursday. The Democratic candidate will attend a campaign fundraiser for State Senator Mike Jacobs.

As previously reported, Daley is the former White House Chief of Staff to President Obama. Bill's father, Richard, was Mayor of Chicago for 21 years. His brother, also named Richard, was Mayor for 22 more years in Chicago too.

Bill Daley has been extremely critical of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn since he announced he's running for governor. Daley made that announcement in late July.

Daley will be at Moline's Center Station around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. State Senator Mike Jacobs is not endorsing Daley, but he says he is willing to listen to his ideas.

The Illinois primary is in March of 2014. The general election is in November of 2014. There are a number of Republicans also running for the position. One of them is State Treasurer Dan Rutherford.