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Andalusia students ditch their chairs for exercise balls

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Instead of bouncing off the walls, students at Andalusia Elementary will be bouncing at their desks.

To replace their run-of-the-mill chairs, exercise balls have been donated to the school by Andalusia Family Chiropractic to be used in their place.  The students were introduced to their new seats on Thursday, August 22, 2013.

Doug Bisby from Andalusia Family Chiropractic said the exercise balls can help improve concentration and posture while the kids balance and work their muscles. He said another Quad City school has already implemented the bouncy seats.

“I hope kids can use these for years to come,” said Bisby.

While the students get used to their new seats, teachers have added a few rules to keep the improved seating from becoming a nuisance.

Bisby said he has seen exercise balls as seats produce positive results. As a member of the community and a father whose children will attend Andalusia schools someday, Bisby said Andalusia Family Chiropractic is happy to be contributing something helpful to the school.