East Moline woman accused of faking cancer pleads not guilty

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An East Moline woman accused of faking cancer pleaded not guilty Tuesday to all six felony charges filed against her.

Jennifer Pauley, 33, waived her right to a preliminary hearing and is scheduled to proceed to trial in October.

Police say Pauley faked cancer and forged checks and opened lines of credit worth thousands of dollars to buy drugs.

The real victim in this case, police say, was Pauley's wealthy husband, who believed the money was going to pay help pay medical bills. He contacted police when he realized it was all a ruse.

"Her story to the victim was that she had cancer, " said Lt. Darren Gault, with the East Moline Police Department.

Police say Pauley created a false document detailing a phony cancer diagnosis with the signature of a local doctor. But investigators say, it was forged.

"The letter purports that she had cancer and she was being treated by a team of oncologists. It is not (the doctor's) signature on the document," Lt. Gault said.

The marriage was annulled and deemed "an invalid marriage" earlier this month.

Pauley now has a court-appointed lawyer. She is charged with wire fraud, identity theft, and forgery.