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HAIL TO THE CHIEF: The Scoop Behind The Brain Freeze

James Zahara Weather Blog

As the summer heat grows this week, so does the growing love for ice cream.  Whether it comes on a cone or in a bowl, we just can’t get it in our mouth fast enough.  When we do, it undoubtably leads to the infamous ice cream headache.  So, lets look into why we have this so called ‘brain freeze’.


A reason could likely be the cold temperatures from the ice cream in your mouth on to your palate.  When the roof of your mouth gets cold enough it triggers the trigeminal nerves, which are centered behind your sinuses and branch out behind your eyes and temples.  The nerves send a barrage of signals to the brain and responds by causing the blood vessels in your head to quickly swell up.  This causes your head to pound and hurt.


The good’s not dangerous and doesn’t mean that anything is wrong in your body.  A brain freeze can be preventable by simply eating your ice cream more slowly. If so, grab more napkins on your next voyage to the ice cream parlor.  Enjoy!!  :)

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