Bands leaving Moline show land at QC Airport after aircraft troubles

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Two of the four bands that played at the i-Wireless Center in Moline were aboard a jet that made an emergency landing at the Quad-City International Airport.

Rock bands Ratt and Dokken were on a private jet that that turned back around shortly after leaving the QC International Airport on Saturday, August 17, 2013, according to a report by the Quad City Times.

According to the report, Chuck Brennan, a friend of the bands on the flight said at about 7,000-feet the pilots had to turn the jet around because they began to see smoke in the front of the plane. The 13 passengers on board were given oxygen masks and the pilots landed the Challenger 601 with no troubles, Brennan said.

A post on Ratt’s Facebook page said, “Ratt and Dokken just made an emergency landing after a fire in the cockpit. We are ok!”

Ratt and Dokken along with Sebastian Back, and Lita Ford were in the Quad Cities playing at the i-Wireless Center in Moline. The show was on Friday.

The four bands were heading to an outdoor show in a Chicago suburb for Saturday evening. Brennan said the bands were expected to make it to the show in time, traveling in SUVs, according to the Quad City Times.