Security measures increased at local schools

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As a new school year begins, East Moline schools are among districts ramping up security to keep students and teachers safe.

"No longer can individuals come into the building unless they have a compelling reason to be there," said superintendent Kris Humphries.

Ridgewood Elementary School has been redone and all of the schools in the East Moline district now have a security window.  Visitors will be able to walk through the first set of doors and then, depending on their need, they will be let inside the school.

"Roughly 85 to 90 percent of the reasons people come to our school in the morning or during the day is to drop something off to their children.  There's no reason, they can just drop it off right here," said Humphries.

Teachers will also have to have a card to swipe so they can enter the building.

The security upgrades cost the East Moline School District around $350,000, an expensive cost that some say is worth the price.

"I want to keep kids safe, that's the number one thing," said Ridgewood Elementary principal Heidi Lensing.

Humphries says teachers will also have specialized training to deal with emergencies.

All East Moline schools have cameras which police can access from their cars.  Most departments now have that access, including Davenport Police.

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