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New parking spots removed on parts of Harrison

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The changes for Davenport drivers continue, as Thursday, city crews removed parking spots along a two-block stretch of Harrison Street -- just two weeks after they were put in.

On August 1, 2013, crews turned Harrison's far right lane into parking spots from 17th Street to 5th Street. Thursday, they painted stripes over the spots from 10th to 12th Streets, removing the parking across from Central High School.

"It was just a big car accident waiting to happen," said student Allison Caven.

The reversal comes after the school district went to the city, worried that students might step out from the parked cars and into traffic.

Parents said the decision to remove the spots made sense.

"I just thought it was weird that they put them there anyway, because it does seem like it would be a safety hazard," said parent Crystal McNeal.

To some, though, the switch just means more confusion.

"Apparently they took out the parking, which makes no sense, because if you're going to do the work to put the lines in, then you might as well leave it there," said student Dakota Anderson.

Third Ward Alderman Bill Boom agreed the change in front of Central wasn't part of the original plan.

"It was actually an afterthought. We said originally that we're going to do this [put the parking spots in.] If some tweaking is necessary, we're more than happy to do that," said Boom.

And for business owners like Jimmy Saliu, who owns Jimmy's King Gyros just across from Central High School, the tweak means customers can now leave his parking lot safely.

"Oh, we're very happy," said Saliu. "That way people can see what's coming from the top of the hill down," he added.

The update is just one change the city has made to Central's traffic pattern this year. The school is also asking parents to now pick-up their kids in the rear parking lot to avoid traffic tie-ups on Main Street.