Protecting your child’s baby monitor from being hacked

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It's the last place parents would think about getting hacked, baby monitors. A couple in Texas learned the hard way after they heard a strange voice coming from their child's bedroom.

"It's horrible. It's such a big invasion of privacy. It's just horrible that someone would want to do that," says mom, Marcy Pistener.

Ed Zipper, manager of Precision Computer Services in davenport says hes heard of baby monitors being hacked before and says anything with an IP address is at risk.

"If a person just bought a router, took it home and hooked it up, didn't do any of the security stuff, configuration, it is open to everybody in the neighborhood," said Zipper.

Unprotected wireless internet is the cause of most hacking cases.

"I try really hard to take precautions and set up passwords and things like that," said Pistener.

The first tip is making sure your wireless has a password.

"Make the wireless password difficult, use capitols, use numbers, use special characters and also change it every two or three months," said Zipper.

Making sure to update your software and programs on your computer as well. If your computer happen to catch a virus, a hacker can get your information that way too.

"It's like going on vacation, locking up the house, but leaving the back windows open," said Zipper.

If you are hacked, you should make sure to change your password and not use one that you're already using for something else.