Crews find hole similar to one that trapped 6-year-old Sterling boy

Nathan Woessner

Crews in Indiana have found a hole similar to the one that the 6-year-old Sterling boy fell into.

The National Park Service said with the use of ground-sensing equipment, a 10-inch wide hole was found at Mount Baldy at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, according to a report by the Quad City Times. The hole is close to the size and shape of the hole that Nathan Woessner fell into while on vacation with his family.

In July of 2013 Nathan was with his family walking along the sand dunes by Lake Michigan near the park when a 124-foot sand dune collapsed, swallowing him under. He was stuck under 11-feet of sand for over three-hours before being rescued. The young boy was hospitalized for two weeks, and has since been released.

Park Service officials said the hole could be over 5-feet deep. Additional analyses are being conducted by geologists and hydrologists.


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