Moline fire spreads to several vehicles, garages, home

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A fire in Moline spread to several vehicles, garages and a home.

In less than an hour, a fire that had spread to seven automobiles, four garages, and one home was extinguished, according to the Moline Fire Department. The fire was in the 2900-block of 16th Ave. in Moline shortly after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, August 13, 2013.

Two of the garages were fully engulfed in flames, officials said. People who were living in the homes in and around the fire had self-evacuated.

Fire officials said the fire began inside a garage, but the Moline Fire Department is trying to determine a cause.

The outside of the house was damaged, but officials say it is repairable. The inside sustained smoke damage.

No injuries were reported.