Beyond the Green Screen: Maybe This Bugs You, Too…

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I love Summer. I hate bugs. What would Summer be without bugs though?

I just went to pick up some frozen yogurt and on my way inside the ice cream shoppe, I was tackled by what seemed like hundreds of little flying insects. I wasn’t the only one who was greeted that way. A family walked in a couple minutes later with a little girl who yelled “get inside!” as she and her parents rushed into the building. Everyone laughed.
I would soon find out that this was no laughing matter. On my back to the station, it happened. Again. Every door is lit for our safety and convenience which seems like a great thing to have, right? Wrong. I was afraid to breathe thinking a bug would somehow fly into my mouth or nose and leave me ready to call the exterminator. Ok, I don’t think it would actually go that far but I really would want revenge on those bugs.

I think I need to start wearing these at night…