Facebook page supports officer at center of brutality allegation

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A Facebook page was launched in support of a Davenport, Iowa police officer at the center of a police brutality allegation.

Officer Scott Crow is one of two Davenport policemen who arrested Brandie Redell after she was caught shoplifting by placing items in a baby stroller at a Von Maur department store in NorthPark Mall.

Surveillance video shows an altercation between Redell and two police officers inside an office at the store.  Redell said she suffered eye injuries and damage to her vision because Officer Crow punched her during the altercation.    

Get the video, police response and more coverage of this story – click here.

A representative of Chicago-based civil rights organization Living and Driving While Black confirmed they are working with Redell to pursue legal action against police.   Davenport’s police chief confirmed the officers involved were disciplined but both remain on the job.

A “Support Officer Scott Crow” Facebook community was launched Wednesday, August 7, 2013. 

 “In light of all the publicity the Davenport Iowa Police Department has been getting from the incident on February 17, 2013 and shoplifter Brandie Redell; this page has been set up to show support for Officer Scott Crow,” was posted in the page description.