Airport fire leaves Maquoketa students stuck in Africa

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A group of Maquoketa high school students were waiting for updated travel plans after a fire at the Nairobi Airport at a airport on Wednesday morning, August 7, 2013.

Flames blazed at a airport in Nairobi, Kenya, where the students were suppose to fly out of.

"Tremendously relieved to know that it was not the worse case scenario that our students were safe," said Maquoketa's superintendent, Kim Huckstadt.

The fire forced the airport to shut down and the group left to figure out what to do.

"We're waiting to find out what the revised travel plans are going to be," said Huckstadt.

Lucky for them their trip's sponsor has a compound in the area, where they are now staying.

"They also had access to the internet which I'm very thankful for, because they were able to contact the parents and let them know that they are safe," said Huckstadt.

The group of 26, made up of students, teachers and parents left last Wednesday, August 7, 2013. The trip is part of the school's Club Hope.

"They do service projects so locally in our own community, regionally and of course made this trip to Kenya," said Huckstadt.

It's the second time the high school has made the trip to Kenya.

"I'm just tremendously thankful that they werent in harms way and that they're going to be back here safe and sound real soon," said Huckstadt.

The group is hoping to have a flight back to Iowa on August 9th or 10th, 2013 from the same airport.