Lawsuits filed over cyclospora illness

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Victims from Iowa and Nebraska have filed lawsuits in connection with a parasite illness linked to restaurant salads.

The cyclospora parasite was blamed for making hundreds of people ill in 15 states.  The highest number of victims was reported in Iowa, where more than 140 people reported becoming ill.

Weeks after the illness was initially discovered, health officials discovered a common connection between victims and prepared salads eaten at restaurants in Iowa and Nebraska.

Kelly Kunc of Hiawatha, Iowa and Joyce Nendza of Holt County, Nebraska have both filed lawsuits after they say they became ill from eating at two different Olive Garden restaurants in Iowa.  The lawyer who represents the women says Kunc ate at Olive Garden in Cedar Rapids and Nendza ate at an Olive Garden in Sioux City.

The tainted salad mix came from Taylor Farms de Mexico, “a processor of foodservice salads,” according to the Food and Drug Administration.

Cyclospora illness causes symptoms such as diarrhea, weight loss and nausea that can last anywhere from a few days to more than a month.