Iowa State offers students $1,000 to move out of dorms

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Iowa State University officials are scrambling to find ways to house students as enrollment is projected to hit a record high.

For the first time, the university reportedly offered a financial incentive to returning upperclassmen to leave the dorms and live off campus instead.  They were offered a $500 credit toward an on-campus apartment in June, but when only 31 students accepted the offer, university officials increased it to $1,000.  That raised the number of students who agreed to move out of the dorms to nearly 100.

The $1,000 covers the increased cost of an apartment plus about $500, which is applied toward room and board costs.

Nearly 1,000 more students were expected to live on campus at Iowa State this year compared to last year.  The university has remodeled den and study spaces in the dorms to add housing for more students, and leased apartment buildings off campus which will be operated like dorms.

Enrollment at ISU this year could reach a record 32,000 students.   Enrollment in the fall of 2012 was 31,040.