Galesburg goes green with Jerry’s MoJo

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A mom-and-pop Galesburg shop is perking up business and electrifying the local economy.

There's quite a sight in this parking lot on Tuesday morning.

"Looks like a bug," said customer Michael Rodriguez.

It's the place for a really good cup of coffee.

"Wonderful," added customer Rhonda Schultz. "It's really good."

That's where Jerry's MoJo is making a stop. This mobile coffee hotspot is a hit with coffee connoisseurs.

"It's so cute," said customer Rhonda Kistler. "I like it."

But this is no ordinary food truck. This electric shop on wheels is going green. They're serving up sustainable success, one cup at a time.

"Kind of like an ice cream truck for adults," chuckled owner Jerry Strom.

Strom calls on years in the coffee business. His wife, Bambi, supplies sales and marketing skills.

"It's exciting and scary at the same time," she said.

They invested more than $20,000 in an electric truck. It was once used for flipping burgers outside the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

After retrofitting and design changes, they're making their own American dream on wheels come true.

The Stroms are working closely with Galesburg's Sustainable Business Center, which is helping to grow several local start-up companies.

"They just decided, I'm going to make my own job," said customer Denise Haptonstahl. "And here it is."

Coffee drinks and smoothies cost less than four bucks. They sell at some 15 locations around Galesburg, plan to double those figures and multiply their electric fleet.

"People will turn their heads and look," he said. "I just wave at everybody."

It's a start-up they can pack up and drive to the next location. The truck gets about 20 miles per charge.

"We're doing something different, something unique and something that people really love," he concluded.

In Galesburg, it's electric mojo on the move.