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Beyond the Green Screen: Measuring Up on Camera

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When I write my blog I try to write something of interest to others. Usually I think of questions viewers have asked that may or may not be weather related. One thing that seems to be of interest to a lot of people is my height.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked how tall I am. If only I had a nickel for each time! I don’t mind the question or mind answering it but it’s interesting (is that a good word for it?) to know that it’s a hot topic when meeting someone for the first time. I’ve even had people call the weather center and ask for my height because they had a bet going with a friend!

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how tall I am. I can’t remember the last time I was measured at the Doctor’s office. Maybe it’s because I’m done growing? I usually say between 5’1” and 5’2”. Then someone stands beside me to compare their height.

Sometimes on T.V. my true height is revealed when the settings for James or Terry are not adjusted to my height settings on the camera. Here is a prime example: Capture2

I do want to point out that I work with really tall people. There is a box specifically for me to stand on behind the weather center and to the right of the main anchor desk. I also wear flat shoes most of the time. I wear heels, but they get so uncomfortable when you have to do a lot of walking during the day. Short people problems.